Ad Rates

Please contact for current rates.

General Guidelines

  • All ad units must launch a new browser window when clicked on.
  • Ads do not have a “looping”; limit.
  • Audio must be user initiated with a clearly recognizable on/off button.
  • All expanding ad units must be user initiated.
  • All sound must be initiated by a user click. Once clicked, sound may start. Advertisement must have an always present, clearly labeled on/off button.
  • All rich media ads must have an alternate gif versions of creative.
  • IEC of Texas reserves the right to terminate a campaign at any indication that it is not being properly served.

Lead time

Three business days for standard creative.

Advertising Opportunities

100k, 150px × 200px
gif and jpg
40k max, 150px × 200px

Rich Media

Flash Ad Units

  • All Flash files must be submitted as a .SWF file with accompanying back up gif/jpg for display to users who do not accept Flash.
  • A click thru URL and Default image must also be supplied for each .SWF ad unit.

Below are detailed instructions for .SWF file coding.

  • Create an invisible button over the area that you want ‘active/clickable’ to users.
  • Export the .SWF and test by opening the swf and clicking on the intended ‘active’ area. If a new browser or Explorer window opens upon click, the ad has been coded correctly. The ad must spawn a new browser window.
  • HTML units: The HTML for the ad should not require a space larger than the maximum allowed pixel ad size. <html>, <head>, <body>, <br>, or <p>, hard breaks (carriage returns) or alignment tags should not be included. All white spaces must be eliminated. Please remember to use a close form tag when using forms in HTML (i.e., </form>).

Ad Creative Policy

IEC of Texas has final approval for all ads with respect to editorial/creative content.

  • IEC of Texas reserves the right to remove an advertisement from its web sites at any time for any reason.
  • Changes to an existing campaign must be received at least three business days prior to the change.
  • Any additional questions or comments related to advertiser specifications can be directed to .
File size
100k Max Initial Load for Flash
40k Max for gif and jpg
Mouse Over / Mouse Off:
Any sound must be user initiated by click, not mouse over.
Floating ads
Floating ads are not accepted.
Video ads are not accepted.

IEC of Texas reserves the right to refuse any rich media advertising without explanation, and to modify and/or append these guidelines without advance notice.