Continuing Education For Electrical Contractors and Electricians

For Online Continuing Education with IEC of Texas please contact the providers listed below:

An important aspect of our mission at IEC is providing the educational tools necessary for Contractors and Electricians to grow in their knowledge of business and the electrical construction industry. We accomplish this through a program of Continuing Education courses and seminars.

Each IEC Chapter in Texas has its own unique educational program designed to assist Contractor members and electricians in their Chapter territory. In some instances, Chapters may offer online training, distance-based learning programs, correspondence classes and other programs that benefit its members. Most Chapters offer classroom based learning programs and all have registered Apprenticeship programs.

With the passage of the state electrical licensing program in Texas, the state requires all licensed electrical trades people to earn Continuing Education credits prior to annual renewal of their particular license (except contractors). Failure to complete the required 4 hours of Continuing Education credit prevents one from renewing their license.

IEC Chapters offer the state required CE program and are approved by the State of Texas for delivery of CE classes.

Thank you for your interest in IEC’s education programs.